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"In the current scenario when getting quality talent is proving to be difficult, organizations face the uphill task of outperforming recruitment requirements while managing consistent results in process efficiency"

Organizations need to consider various aspects of operations, finance, business and HR when making hiring decisions. Recruitment processes require different levels of expertise and a high level of focus on each specific process.

Customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution
CareerNet recognizes the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing economic scenario. The recruitment process outsourcing solutions incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process. The solution for RPO in India is based on specific requirements that individual firms have and is customized towards solving these problems.

To manage and deliver solution customized towards individual clients, CareerNet follows a diagnosis led approach. The four steps outlined below helps in clients knowing what they want and enable them in recognizing RPO as a solution for specific problem.

RPO Solution in India has to reflect the unique challenges that talent acquisition functions face across different domains in the country. Recruitment Process Outsourcing in the Indian market are vastly different from those in developed market and that is the reason that the diagnosis led approach is required.
Customer Testimonials

 CareerNet is one of the Finest hiring firms that I have used in my career as a HR professional. Understanding of Client's needs to the last detail is one of the unique aspects of CareerNet. The Quality of talent that we have hired at Analog Devices is simply outstanding both from the Domestic as well as the International Market. For Analog Devices , CareerNet is one of the most preferred Vendor for our staffing requirements. 

Joe Lazar
Director - Human Resources, Analog Devices

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